How to Lose Weight: 10 Days to Fast-Track Fitness

Do you need to learn how to lose weight 10 days from now? How much are you willing to give up just to find any program on how to lose weight 10 days or less? In return, how much weight do you expect to lose in a routine that will tell you how to lose weight, 10 days average?

Easier Said than Done

Sometimes, learning how to lose a man in 10 days is easier than learning how to lose weight 10 days or less – and a lot more fun. The right ways that address the “how to lose weight – 10 days” question entails a lot of hard work and sacrifice, as well as knowing that the results will not be as dramatic as one expects. You can’t always expect to drop two sizes in any “how to lose weight – 10 days” plan when two or three pounds is the more realistic and healthy goal. Never mind if supermodels can do it; it’s time to accept the fact that not all of us are meant to be human clothes hangers.

Short-Term Weight Loss

If you need to learn how to lose weight 10 days or less for temporary reasons (like a high school reunion or a photo shoot), then a meal replacement diet could be your answer. A meal replacement diet means that you will be substituting a meal – or all meals – with a calorie-controlled, nutrient-complete shake, biscuits, powders, drinks, or soups. They can be homemade, but be very careful about the measurements.

The top caloric count of all the meals combined is 1600 calories. This is a quick way to successfully answer your “how to lose weight – 10 days” question. When you start eating “normally” again, however, which is 2000 calories or so, you will gain the weight again. Exercising will help, but at a 1600-calorie diet, it might just be too much for your body to take.

A Lifetime Commitment

If, on the other hand, finding out how to lose weight – 10 days average – is just the first step for you on the road to a lifetime of healthier living, it’s time to buckle down and get serious. It is a good way to start a weight control program with a “how to lose weight – 10 days” program because when you see quick results, you tend to stay on it.

Working out with aerobic or cardio-vascular routines is good, but do be kind to yourself by considering these factors:

1). Gauge the capabilities of your metabolism; you may not be able to burn fat as fast as everybody else.
2). Start your exercise routine gradually; don’t expect to be running a 3-minute mile on your first day.
3). Always consult a physician before enrolling in any exercise program.

If you can’t exercise as vigorously as you want, another basic weight-loss mantra is to get rid of unhealthy, fattening foods like sugars, carbohydrates, and saturated fats, and replace them with fibers, complex carbohydrates, high-grade protein, and monounsaturated fats. This may even be the best answer to your “how to lose weight – 10 days” question.

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